Civil Engineer Salaries in Turkey

How much is the Civil Engineer minimum wage in Turkey, what are the average salaries and high? A person working in civil engineering in Turkey earns an average of 15,000 TL (801 USD) per month. The salary range is as follows; the lowest Civil Engineer salary is 8,503 TL (454 USD) and the highest Civil Engineer salary ranges from 100,000 TL (5,345 USD). Turkey Civil Engineer minimum wage for hourly pay rate is 53 TL (2.83 USD)

The salaries for civil engineers in Turkey

Civil engineers are highly-skilled professionals who are responsible for the design, construction, and maintenance of the structures that support and enhance our quality of life.

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest professions in the world. Civil engineers have a wide range of responsibilities that involve solving technical problems on a large scale. They work with environmental protection agencies to clean up polluted air, water, and soil; they work with public health agencies to ensure clean drinking water; they work with transportation departments to create smart cities with efficient traffic; they work with utility companies to provide access to safe and reliable electricity.

The salaries for Civil Engineers in Turkey depend on their experience, industry, and location. Civil Engineer salaries in Turkey are highly variable. It can vary between the minimum wage and 100 thousand TL.

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