Minimum Wage in Albania

Whether you’re looking for a job in a small business or you just want a new challenge, it’s worth knowing the minimum wage in Albania. While many countries around the world offer a much higher minimum wage, Albania doesn’t. In Albania, you can earn as little as EUR 265, a minimum wage of 30,000 leks. That’s less than half of the minimum wage in some other countries, but it’s still a great salary for many.

All 30,000 (EUR 265)

The increase in Albania’s minimum wage to ALL 30,000 (EUR 265) will take effect on April 1 and increase the income tax rate to 23%. The change was originally scheduled to take effect in July, but has now been delayed until April. The government also stepped in to help businesses deal with the influx of new investors. According to Eurofast, the organization employs local advisors in 22 cities throughout SEEME. Its goal is to offer one-stop-shop solutions for investors and businesses.

While Albania is one of the poorest nations in the European Union, its income has steadily increased over the past two decades, and today its minimum wage is equivalent to USD 292. This wage is not enough to buy basic food and shelter, so the government has promised to increase it this year. Ultimately, the minimum wage in Albania will be at least 330 euros by 2025, but in the meantime, people should expect a pay cut of nearly 25% of their monthly expenses.

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In addition to the all-important All 30,000 (EUR 265) minimum wage, the government has made some allowances for overtime work. Overtime work is allowed, but cannot exceed eight hours per week, and cannot last more than four months. Additionally, Albanian labor law allows for four weeks of paid leave after the first year of service. Employees must notify their employer 30 days in advance of taking annual paid leave.

All 32,000 (EUR 265)

The government of Albania recently increased its minimum wage to All 32,000 leke (EUR 265) per month. In April 2022, this amount will apply to all employees, whether they are paid for their own work or are family employees. It is the minimum wage that is legally required for workers in any occupation. The minimum wage is the lowest wage for a job in Albania. However, the minimum wage may be higher in the public sector or in Tirana.

Working hours in Albania are limited to 40 hours per week, or eight hours per day for adults. Children under the age of 18 are only allowed to work for six hours a day. If employees work overtime, they must be paid at least 25% more than the standard rate of pay. They must be compensated for time they spend off work. The maximum amount of overtime is 16 hours per week. Overtime hours are paid at 125% during regular working hours, and at 150% on weekends.

The national minimum wage is the lowest salary per hour, day, or month. The graph below shows how the National Minimum Wage in Albania compares to similar countries. In addition, it also shows how the National Minimum Wage will change by 2022, in addition to other countries. It also shows how the economy is doing in Albania. This is important information for all those seeking a job in Albania. The government of Albania is committed to increasing their minimum wage every year, so it is imperative that all workers have a good job.

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