Minimum Wage in Angola

Minimum wage in Angola is diffucult. A person working in Angola earns an average of 260,000 AOA per month. The salary range is as follows; the lowest salary is 66,100 AOA and the highest salary ranges from 1,250,000 AOA. Are you wondering about the minimum wage in Angola? In this article, you will learn the actual rate of pay in Angola.

Angola’s Minimum Wage

Angola’s minimum wage is 66,100 AOA per month for a full-time worker. However, this figure fluctuates widely based on the job title, hours worked, and yearly vacation allowance. It’s important to note that the minimum wage in Angola is not the minimum wage in every sector. If you’re in Angola and are interested in finding out more, read on.

In Angola, employees can expect a pay increase of seven percent every twenty months. However, it is uncommon for the pay increase to occur within one year of the previous raise. In addition, bonuses are often not popular, as only 50 percent of workers say they received no incentives in the last year. However, it is possible to find an employer who has offered bonuses to encourage staff. Generally, bonuses are based on employee efficiency and commitment.

Minimum Wage SalariesPin

In Angola, a post-graduate degree can cost between 1,310,000 and 3,920,000 Kwanza. It typically lasts around two years, and students rarely expect to earn more than their current salary during their studies. Regardless of the pay increase, they will be eligible for a pay review once they graduate. Furthermore, many people attend college to pursue a better-paying job. In such cases, compensation increases associated with a job change are 10 percent higher than the average salary.

It Is 15,003 Kwanza Per Month

The Angolan government has increased the minimum wage in the country’s various economic sectors. The change is an annual adjustment reflecting inflation and will take effect immediately. This increase will affect businesses that sponsor foreign workers, but processing times are unaffected. Businesses should factor this higher minimum wage into their hiring processes. Below is a table that displays the monthly minimum wages in Angola.

It Is Not Covered by Collective Bargaining Agreements

The minimum wage in Angola is 15,003 kwanza per month, paid thirteen times a year. The minimum wage is fixed by Decree of the Council of Ministers on the recommendation of the Minister of Protection and Labour. Minimum wages vary depending on sector, with different rates for agriculture, transport, commerce, and the extraction industry. Workers may not be covered by a collective bargaining agreement. If the collective agreement was signed less than six months before the Decree fixing the minimum wage, the government may ignore it.

However, there are several other legal protections for workers, including social insurance programs. In 2008, an act was passed to extend the social insurance program to self-employed individuals. Additionally, special systems have been established for military, police, and correctional personnel. Those who are self-employed can also enroll in these systems. For those who are employed and don’t have health insurance, collective bargaining agreements may be an option.

It Is 12 Hours A Day

The minimum wage in Angola is $10.00 per hour. The minimum wage in Angola is paid thirteen times per year, and it was last changed on 1-Jun-2014. The country has a population of approximately 12 million people and an average life expectancy of 38 years. Its economy is based on oil and agriculture, and the government is supportive of foreign investors with industrial incentives and tax breaks.


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