Minimum Wage in Aruba

How much is the minimum wage in Aruba, what are the average salaries? A person working in Aruba earns an average of 2,260 AWG ($1,260) per month. The salary range is as follows; the lowest salary is 570 AWG ($317) and the highest salary ranges from 10,100 AWG ($5,626).

The Aruban labor legislation has undergone changes since April 1, 2013. It includes the Aruba Labor Ordinance, National Ordinance on Assignment of Workers, and National Ordinance on Minimum Wages. Wage is part of the labor contract, and is monetary compensation for labor. Wages are determined by individual labor agreements, or collective labor agreements, which must meet specific legal requirements. Wage amounts should preferably be documented in writing. Below are some tips on setting up a wage agreement.

Tipped Employees Receive Much More Than Minimum Wage

Tipped employees in Aruba receive far more than minimum wage. According to the Food Labor Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley, raising tipped minimum wage by just a half percent would increase overall food costs by a dime a day per household. In addition, it would boost racial equity. By ensuring that tipped employees receive fair pay, Aruba could reduce poverty, wage inequality, and increase stability for these workers. It has long been overdue.

Minimum Wage SalariesPin

If you work in a restaurant in Aruba, be sure to check your paycheck carefully. If you’re on a tipped wage program, you need to make more than minimum wage. This is based on a calculation that takes into account tips. In Aruba, tipped employees must earn at least $120 per month. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make more money than minimum wage.

Average Salary Range For An Aruba Job

The average salary in Aruba is 2,260 AWG ($1,260) per month, with the lowest salaries around 570 AWG ($317) and the highest at 10,100 AWG ($5,626). This salary is inclusive of housing and transportation expenses. Salary levels vary considerably based on job title, location, skills, and experience. See below for an overview of salaries in Aruba. In addition, consider the gender and age of the employee. The median salary for a job in Aruba is $27,640 AWG, whereas the maximum salary is more than ten times higher.

Aruba Networks is a company that manufactures networking equipment for wireless infrastructure. It has partnered with HP to develop wireless networking technology to complement their switches. Some job titles within the company include Wireless Software Engineer, Network Engineer, and Operations Analyst. Salaries for these positions are based on anonymous salary data from Aryaka Networks employees. Generally, men earn 5,1134 AWG, while women make 5,1134 AWG.

Cost Of Food In Aruba

While the cost of living in Aruba is fairly high compared to other Caribbean destinations, the island isn’t without its advantages. Aside from its relatively high standard of living, Aruba is largely free of poverty and hopelessness. Regardless of the level of income, there are still ways to save money while on vacation. For example, you can easily pay for a taxi to the airport for around $15 or 20 AWG, or use local buses to travel between the capital cities. In addition, ATM machines are easily accessible at shopping malls, but beware: the rates charged are likely to include a currency conversion fee.

A typical McDonald’s McMeal will set you back 4,80 EUR. An espresso or cappuccino coffee will cost around 1,20 EUR. To keep your budget in check, read the travel cost guide for additional information on how much food is affordable. The cost of cigarettes in Aruba is also higher than in the U.S. Among other things, local cigarettes can cost around 3,60 EUR, while famous brands can cost up to $4.

Cost Of Health Insurance In Aruba

The public healthcare system in Aruba covers all aspects of the patient’s health. It includes mental health and physical services such as vaccinations. There are multiple departments such as the Department of Infectious Diseases, Youth Dental Care, Pharmaceutical Affairs, Labor Health Service, and Ambulance Service. The system offers universal coverage, three levels of care, and free ambulance services. Most patients are referred to the Dr. Horacio Oduber General Hospital, which has a %79 occupancy rate and 288 beds. Public health laboratories are equipped with the latest medical equipments, including genetic analysis and other laboratory specialists.

Aruba’s COVID-19 insurance requires foreign travelers to purchase a medical plan. Other medical coverage may be sufficient, but cannot replace COVID health insurance. Moreover, travelers should take into consideration the potential of contracting other diseases, such as Zika virus or Chikungunya. COVID insurance does not cover medical expenses related to these diseases, so a broader travel medical plan is recommended.


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