Minimum Wage in Azerbaijan

How much is the minimum wage in Azerbaijan, what are the average salaries? A person working in Azerbaijan earns an average of 595 AZN (350 USD) per month. The salary range is as follows; the lowest salary is 300 AZN (176 USD) and the highest salary ranges from 10,000 AZN (5,882 USD). Azerbaijan minimum wage for hourly pay rate 7.50 AZN (4.41 USD)

Minimum Wage in Azerbaijan of 300 AZN ($176) per month. These norms are set by the state and must be adhered to. This amount should be paid to workers regardless of the type of work they do. Minimum wage in Azerbaijan has been increasing steadily for several years. However, there are still some aspects that need to be clarified. In this article, we’ll discuss the issues surrounding the 300 AZN minimum wage in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan minimum wage and average salary

The new 300 AZN minimum wage in Azerbayjan will be applicable for 600 thousand people, with the increase covering all employees in the private and public sectors. The government will use the extra budget for increasing the salaries of civil servants, with the remaining 159 million manats to cover taxes and insurance payments. The increase will mean an overall rise of 30 percent for the minimum wage, and a corresponding increase of 10 percent for the average salary in the country.

A person working in Azerbaijan earns an average of 595 AZN ($350) per month. This salary is an average profession and again, the kind of salary that an average person can receive.

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The new minimum wage in Azerbaijan will be determined by presidential decrees, referring to Article 109 of the Constitution. This article clarifies that presidential decrees are the only means to resolve other issues, not parliamentary debates. It is worth noting that the minimum wage is not a monetary amount, but rather a percentage of the total income of the population. This is due to the real exchange rate of 1.7 manats to one dollar.

Maternity pay

The Labour Code of Azerbaijan stipulates that women working in the country are entitled to 126 days of paid leave – 70 days before delivery, 56 days after delivery, and another 14 days after the birth of their child. During these periods, women are entitled to receive paid leave to care for their unborn child. However, the maximum duration of paid leave can be longer if the woman gave birth to more than one child, or if she had multiple children.

The minimum wage in Azerbaijan for maternity leave is 100 percent of the average salary of the previous 12 months. The State Social Protection Fund pays this maternity leave. Additionally, pregnant women are not allowed to be terminated because of their pregnancy. In addition, pregnant women are entitled to a reduced workweek, which is usually 36 hours, and cannot be asked to work night shifts. This ensures the wellbeing of both the baby and the mother.

Electricity prices

The government of Azerbaijan plans to raise the minimum wage and pensions this year. This will result in higher inflation rates and excise taxes on imported goods. Last year, the Tariff Council raised prices for utility products and other items by twenty to forty percent. On January 1, state duties were doubled for electricity and other products. In addition, pro-government local media is spreading propaganda about rising grain prices. Some observers believe that the price of flour will also increase.

This inflation affects both consumers and businesses. For instance, an increase of one product will have a far greater psychological impact than an increase in a broader index. As a result, people are increasingly spending more money on food and other necessities. Azerbaijan also increased fees for natural gas in July, nearly doubling the cost of light and heavy use. As a result, more Azerbaijanis will be forced to cut back on their consumption of natural gas.

Minimum wage

Despite the current state of minimum wage in Azerbaijan, it is not enough to just impose a fixed amount of money for the wage laborers. The minimum wage policy should be fair and participative for various interest groups. It should also address the socio-economic status of hundreds of thousands of people in the country. In this article, we will try to analyze the minimum wage in Azerbaijan and assess its feasibility to meet the needs of the population.

Azerbaijan’s president Ilham Aliyev has recently signed an Order to increase the minimum wage to AZN 300 a month. This will be implemented as of January 1, 2022. According to the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection (MAP), this increase will benefit at least 800 thousand people. However, the minimum wage is still far from the level of living in many developed countries. Hence, people will continue to face a low standard of living if they have to live in poverty.


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