Minimum Wage in Brunei

Brunei Minimum Wage

Minimum wage in Brunei is low compared to average monthly wages in other countries. The reason is that Brunei is still a rentier state where low-skilled jobs are dominated by foreigners and expatriates. There is still a large influx of foreign migrants working in industries that require this type of labour. Legacy policies and subsidies contribute to this rentier mentality. Furthermore, the influx of graduates isn’t necessarily interested in these low-skilled jobs.

Average monthly wage in Brunei

The average monthly wage in Brunei is around USD 1,565. The Brunei government has said that it relies on market forces in determining wages. The average monthly wage is negotiated between employers and employees. It must be competitive, based on qualifications, and affordable for workers. The government wants to encourage business growth and stability, which can only happen through high wages. However, it cannot guarantee a high monthly wage.

The average wage in Brunei is $3,220 BND per month, with a minimum salary of around 1,500 BND. While this may not seem like much, the average Bruneian earns more than $11,000 a year. The legal maximum wage in Brunei is 20,000 BND per month. Salary levels vary by profession, but for most jobs, the average monthly wage is between 8,100 BND and 14,400 BND.

While Brunei is a small country, it has a highly developed economy. Over 50% of its GDP comes from the petroleum sector, and it is ranked third among the oil producing nations in Southeast Asia. There are also numerous education institutions in the country, including the oldest university in the world, the University of Brunei Darussalam, and the second largest university in the country, University Islam Sultan Sharif Ali.

Food, beverages, and clothing are relatively expensive in Brunei. While you may pay USD$1060 in New York, a basket of groceries will cost you USD960 in Brunei. An international men’s pair of jeans will cost you approximately USD63. Shoes and running shoes are more expensive, costing an average of USD76 and USD55, respectively. An international summer dress will set you back around USD34.

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