Minimum Wage in Grenada

Do you know what the minimum wage in Grenada is? The country’s minimum wage is $240 per week. However, you might not be familiar with the minimum wage in other Caribbean countries, such as Curacao. This article will highlight some of the differences between the minimum wage in Grenada and those in Curacao, St. Lucia, and St. Kitts and Nevis. It will also give you a general idea of the minimum wage in Grenada.

Grenada has a minimum wage of $240 per week

Despite having a low minimum wage, people in Grenada are still well paid compared to many other Caribbean countries. In Grenada, a minimum wage of $240 per week is the norm, compared to the $240 a United States resident makes. The minimum wage in Grenada is calculated by multiplying the hourly rate by the number of days worked in a week. The minimum wage in Grenada is the same as that in neighboring Barbados.

Curacao has a minimum wage of $178 per week

The minimum wage is one of the lowest in the world, but in Curacao, the minimum wage earner is still struggling to make ends meet. In the first part of this article, we examine the best way to index the minimum wage in Curacao so that the common household can attain a decent standard of living. The second part of this article discusses various issues related to the minimum wage and its importance for Curacao’s economy.

St. Lucia has a minimum wage of $178 per week

Saint Lucia is a Caribbean island nation that has a low minimum wage of $178 per week. The population of Saint Lucia is estimated at 154,000, and the average life expectancy is 72.3 years. The minimum wage is set by the Minimum and Equal Wages Commission. The government has yet to introduce a minimum wage for all workers, but there are minimum requirements for certain industries.

Women constitute an important part of the workforce in Saint Lucia. In 1970, eighty-nine percent of women were employed. This figure has slipped to just over two percent from 1980. Furthermore, women are not included in the Wight Work Ordinance or Wages Councils Ordinance. Working women do participate in the National Insurance Scheme, and the maternity benefit is payable to insured women. The rate varies by age and sex.

St. Kitts and Nevis has a minimum wage of $178 per week

Despite the low cost of living in the Caribbean, the minimum wage in St. Kitts and Nevis remains low by Caribbean standards. The minimum wage in the country is $178 a week. The government also plans to introduce a Short-Term Unemployment Benefit (STUEB) and a Long-Service Gratuity Scheme (LSGS).

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