Minimum Wage in Mayotte

In France, the minimum wage is currently €12.80, but in Mayotte, it is even less. Many of the locals struggle to make ends meet, and the average household income is less than half that. But while many may think they’re poor, the average life expectancy is 83 years, which is lower than anywhere else in the country. And there are plenty of elderly people on the island, too. The 115-year-old Tava Colo was born on December 22, 1902, in the town of Passamainty.


If you’re wondering how much money people in Mayotte make, then you’ve come to the right place. While the average salary in Mayotte is around 31,380 EUR, the lowest-paid individual earns only 7,300 EUR while the highest-paid individual earns 138,200 EUR. The range in salaries is also known as salary variability. It shows the difference between the minimum and maximum salaries and is useful for both employers and employees. The median salary in Mayotte is 28,680 EUR and 50% of the population makes less than this.

In an age where equal pay is encouraged, it is sad to see a disparity in salaries between men and women. On average, men earn 31,520 EUR while women earn 28,860 EUR. It’s also shocking to learn that men earn nine percent more than women in all professions. Even worse, they’re often given pay raises on an annual basis. In addition, women make less than half as much as men in Mayotte, making it difficult to judge whether or not they’re being treated fairly.

Comorian culture

If you’re wondering about the cultural differences between the Comorians and the French, you’ll be pleased to know that they share some common characteristics. The Comorians have a bicameral system, with an elected Assembly (lower house) and a senatorial body selected by the electoral college. The prime ministership is held by the party with the most Assembly seats. Comorians follow Islamic law as their primary legal code, though the country has inherited a French-style legal code. Most disputes are settled by village elders and civilian courts, and the judiciary is completely independent of the legislative and executive branches of government.

Although the island is part of the Comorian archipelago, the French department of Mayotte has a higher standard of living than any of the other Comorian islands. The Comorian archipelago comprises three islands: Grande Comore, Moheli, and Anjouan. The island of Mayotte is part of the Union of Comoros. As a result, its relative wealth attracts people from neighboring Ndzuani island. Many of these people migrate to Mayotte, seeking a better life.

The average level of income

The economy of Mayotte is characterized by small units; over 90% of businesses employ less than 5 people. The island also boasts around 500 large businesses, with an annual turnover exceeding EUR 150.000. Trade, transport, and personal services account for more than half of the island’s added value. There is a shortage of skilled labor, but the number of job vacancies is far below demand. The average level of income in Mayotte is USD 525.

The economy of Mayotte depends largely on the agriculture sector, as the island is not self-sufficient. Despite its agricultural potential, the island is reliant on French food imports for most of its food requirements. The isolation of Mayotte’s population limits its ability to develop tourism, but the island is attracting some tourism investors. However, the island’s remoteness has also hindered economic development. There is a high percentage of unemployed people, at 25.9%. The Gini Index in Mayotte is 49. This means that the distribution of wealth is unequal.

Average life expectancy

Mayotte is a French overseas department in the Mozambique Channel. It is the most prosperous territory in the Mozambique Channel and the main destination for migrants from Comoros. The life expectancy is relatively low at 58 years. In the year 2000, the minimum wage was €1.50. The French government considers Mayotte a low-skilled labor market. Nonetheless, it’s a lucrative opportunity for workers in the area.

The average life expectancy in Mayotte is 61 years, although this varies from region to region. Women are less likely to be able to afford their own health care, so it’s important to understand your options. Many states have universal health insurance, but Mayotte doesn’t have it. However, the local health insurance system is largely ineffective. For a woman to qualify for maternity benefits, she must prove that she’s been working for a period of at least 10 months.

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